WordPress Freelancing Mastery Course

Become a Web Master and build advanced websites using WordPress. Build eCommerce stores and learn freelancing to start a home-based web design business.

What you'll learn in this course

▶ How to design & develop websites without coding knowledge.
▶ How to buy a domain name and web hosting.
▶ How to create pages and menus easily.
▶ How to embed Google Maps on your website.
▶ How to add animations to your web pages.
▶ How to create inquiry forms.
▶ How to create a backup of your website.
▶ How to launch your website on the internet with just a few steps.
▶ How to start your own home-based web design business.

This course includes:

Course Syllabus

Module #1 – Introduction
▶ Lecture 1: What is a Website and Why People Spend Thousands on a Website?

Module #2 – Domain and Hosting
▶ Lecture 2: What is a Domain name and Web Hosting?
▶ Lecture 3: How to Buy Web Hosting and a Free Domain Name

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▶ Lecture 4: Understanding cPanel and Installing WordPress
▶ Lecture 5: Creating a Business Email.

Module #3 – WordPress Environment
▶ Lecture 6: WordPress themes and plugins
▶ Lecture 7: How to Install Themes & Plugins
▶ Lecture 8: Creating Webpages and Menu
▶ Lecture 9: WordPress Basic Settings

Module #4 – Making the Homepage
▶ Lecture 10: Understanding Sections, Heading, Image, Button, Text Editor Elements, etc.
▶ Lecture 11: Understanding Columns and Creating Box Shadow Hover Effect
▶ Lecture 12: How to Duplicate Content and Use Inspect Element Feature
▶ Lecture 13: What is the Image Box Element?
▶Lecture 14: Creating the Testimonials Section

Module #5 – Making All pages
▶ Lecture 15: Creating About Us Pag
▶ Lecture 16: How to Create the Services Page
▶ Lecture 17: Creating Blog Posts

Module #6 – Making the Contact page
▶ Lecture 18: Contact Page – Embedding Google Map
▶ Lecture 19: Contact Page – Creating Inquiry Form
▶ Lecture 20: Contact Page – Putting Contact Details

Module #7 – Advanced WordPress Integration
▶ Lecture 21: How to Design Logo Without Photoshop
▶ Lecture 22: Creating the Custom Header
▶ Lecture23: How to Make a Mobile Responsive Header
▶ Lecture 24: Creating the Custom Footer
▶ Lecture 25: Adding Animations to Elements
▶ Lecture 26: How to Create a Banner Slider
▶ Lecture 27: How to Create a Countdown Timer
▶ Lecture 28: Exploring the General Tab- Site Language, Time zone, Date Format, Frontpage, Permalinks, Privacy Policy, etc

Module #8 – WordPress Pages, Posts and Menu
▶ Lecture 29: Page Status- Pending Review, Draft, Published
▶ Lecture 30: How to Create Sub menus and Custom Links
▶ Lecture31: How to Create Post Categories and Add them to Menus
▶ Lecture 32: Approve, Edit, or Delete Comments in WordPress Post
▶ Lecture 33: How to Design a Custom blog post page in WordPress

Module #9 – Most Useful WordPress Features
▶ Lecture 34: How to add WhatsApp chat feature in WordPress
▶ Lecture 35: How to Create a Button-Click Popup in WordPress
▶ Lecture 36: How to add frontend Login in WordPress
▶ Lecture 37: How to Change WordPress Login URL
▶ Lecture 38: How to Redirect a Page to an external URL?
▶ Lecture 39: How to Duplicate a Page or Post
▶ Lecture 40: Embed PDF on Your WordPress Website
▶ Lecture 41: Add Tables in WordPress Without Plugin
▶ Lecture 42: Add Click to Call Button on WordPress
▶ Lecture 43: How to Protect Content and Disable Right Click?
▶ Lecture 44: How to Display Google Reviews and Ratings in WordPress
▶ Lecture 45: Saving the Page as Template
▶ Lecture 46: Understanding the Navigator feature
▶ Lecture 47: Putting a Code Widget on a Webpage
▶ Lecture 48: Creating the Pricing Plans Table
▶ Lecture 49: Making a Section Mobile-Responsive
▶ Lecture 50: Create Users & Roles in WordPress

Module #10 – eCommerce Development
▶ Lecture 51: What is an eCommerce Website?
▶ Lecture 52: What is WooCommerce and how to Set up?
▶ Lecture 53: WooCommerce General Settings
▶ Lecture 54: Setting up Tax in WooCommerce
▶ Lecture 55: Setting up Shipping Zones and Shipping Prices
▶ Lecture 56: Accounts and Email Notifications
▶ Lecture 57: Setting up the Coupon: Discount System

Module #11 – Setting up Online Payments
▶ Lecture 58: COD, Bank Transfer, and Cheque Payments
▶ Lecture 59: Integrating Razorpay Payment Gateway or any other payment gateway

Module #12 – Dealing with the Products
▶ Lecture 60: How to Create Product Categories
▶ Lecture 61: Creating your first Simple Product
▶ Lecture 62: Creating a Variable Product
▶ Lecture 63: Order management (Processing, Completion, Refunds, etc.)
▶ Lecture 64: WooCommerce Bulk Import and Export Products

Module #13 – Designing the eCommerce Store
▶ Lecture 65: How to Display a Product anywhere on the webpage
▶ Lecture 66: Designing the Single Product Page
▶ Lecture 67: Improving the Checkout Page Experience
▶ Lecture 68: Creating Legal Pages (About us, Contact us, Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy and TOS)

Module #14 – Career as a WordPress Freelancer
▶ Lecture 69: What is Freelancing?
▶ Lecture 70: Sign up as a Freelancer
▶ Lecture 71: Writing a Proposal that Can Attract Client’s Attention
▶ Lecture 72: How Payment Works and How to Deliver the Project?
▶ Lecture 73: Getting Ready to Receive Payments
▶ Lecture 74: Important Tips Before You Start Freelancing

About your instructor(coach)

A WordPress developer passionate about building websites and creating video content on digital marketing niche. 400+ videos published on the youtube channel and 500k+ subscribers. 1250+ projects successfully delivered to the clients living in US, UK, Australia and Singapore.



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